About Us

River View Glass offers unique pieces of art in a time when glass is often mass-produced. Owners of these special glass pieces will appreciate that each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, whether self-selected or received as a gift.

Owner and artist Jim Aden is fascinated with the ability of glass to change physical states from a solid to a liquid, then back to a solid. More so, he invites you to join him in the appreciation of the role that sunlight plays, as the transmitted colors of light pass through the artwork. 

Jim uses a variety of glass working techniques learned while living in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, his involvement in glass ebbed and flowed like the tidal waters of the Oregon coast. In more recent years, he has returned to Nebraska and focused on glass art. Using skills honed through years of experience, his work includes but is not limited to kaleidoscopes, marbles, vases, jewelry, bowls, wall art, stained glass windows, stir sticks, holiday decor and much more. These works are created through techniques such as the use of an oxygen/propane torch, fusing, and casting glass in the  kiln. 

River View Glass, both online and in Brownville, Nebraska, also features the work of fellow glass artist, Ernie Kober of Kansas City. Ernie is a master of the creation of both realistic and fantasy-based figurines. Few artists in America have mastered his degree of control using flame-working techniques. A closer look at photos of his work will show the detail in each creation. 

River View Glass, overlooking the Missouri River and nestled between Missouri and Nebraska, will carefully pack and ship your selections anywhere in the United States. Inquires are welcomed, and we hope you will enjoy and appreciate our work!